Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not quite a tablescape...

I've been thinking a lot lately about quiet time with my husband.

We have our own business and about 29 employees, and are barely keeping up.  We volunteer at church with our connect team, and we are blessed to offer Pre-Marital Counseling to sweet engaged couples.

We have two precious children in elementary school and we love spending time with them.

But I do absolutely love the date nights we get occasionally -- they are getting a little farther between... So I find myself thinking of what my table would look like if it were just Mr. Lovey and me.

Today I was thinking of a breakfast our bar..

Here's what I think I would come up with for us:

Start with dimly lit light because who wants a harsh light first thing in the morning?

A couple of crochet placemats are a nice anchor
I made these about eight years ago

Next, add a couple of square plates. 
I like my red and black ones; I try to use them as often as possible.

Add on a layer of a square plate.  I chose these because they have a lip on them.  
You could use them as a shallow bowl if you wanted to.

Fruit is always nice for breakfast, but it's also pretty as an accent piece.
These apples coordinate so well with the plates and little touches of green in my kitchen.

Place the glasses on top and breakfast will be served soon.

Now, what should we have?

I'm thinking a quiche would be yummy... and a little mimosa... 
and then maybe a nap.

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Only By His Grace,


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  1. Really pretty and so sweet. Time is a major concern with loved ones and I think your idea for a beautiful breakfast setting is great. The red plates are so lovely and seem to mix and match well. I love the apple tucked under the glass….so cute!Take care. Emelia