Sunday, January 9, 2011

Monday is on the way...

Good Sunday morning to you!  I hope you rested well last night.  It seems I'm sleeping better and better these days.  I went through a bout where I was only sleeping four or five hours each night.  Boy!  Was it taking a toll.  I'm thankful for rest when it comes.

I'm thinking of going into the kitchen for some Sunday morning muffins.  Right now I'm enjoying the time sitting on my sofa talking with the kiddos... Kayla is sitting in front of the fire with the dog.  (I'm having trouble deciding which one needs a hair cut more.... hmmm. Where's my to do list?)

AJ is here beside me with his bear...I never thought my wild boy would also be my snuggle bug.  But, ohhhh I'm enjoying these days of snuggling!

I just wanted to show you some of my favorite inspirations this morning.

Just a note before I do... Sometimes when I view other blogs and I see photos from magazines, I find myself feeling like these houses are always clean.  Or I think that every room is perfectly designed.  Then I start to feel the pressure of keeping my house "perfect."  Perfection brings a lot of pressure with it.  So, as you look at the following pictures -- just enjoy their beauty... and maybe the inspiration that comes with them... but don't feel the pressure of perfection today.

It's Sunday!  Have a day of rest!

Don't you love this bathroom?  I would totally have my tub surround decorated like this... but I have so much mess  stuff around mine...I can't find the space.  But I'm certain when I blog about my bathroom -- it will be perfectly organized for you. Because we always clean the bathrooms when we're expecting company :)

I love the towels in this basket. I think that's a great idea.  Very handy!  And very decorative, too.

I love this entry way.  It's very elegant and welcoming.  When you enter our house, you come down a long narrow hallway.  It's not wide enough even for a wall shelf - it would be bumped and dropped and broken on a daily basis.  But this is simply gorgeous.  Love the mirror and the flower arrangement!

This Living Room is so soothing, isn't it?    I got a gift card to Kirkland's for Christmas.  When I went to spend it, I almost bought a pair of sconces just like these in the photo.  But I didn't.  Wasn't sure where I would put them.  UUUUGGGG!  Oh Well.  Woulda - Shoulda - Coulda.

I think this corner is a little dark, but I love all the interest in it.  The cheetah print memo board, the clock, the big A.... OOOOHHHH.... Love it!

Guess what?  I'm seeing a theme here?  Lots and Lots of animal prints.  I have animal print placemats in the kitchen, and of course Kayla's room is now animal print.... but I'm wondering how I could incorporate it into our lower level family room???

One last pic:  okay, I WISH my bathrooms were as clean and serene as this.  That's where I go to hide from the kiddos, don't you know?  I'm just sayin'....

Better get those muffins in the oven.  Have a blessed day!

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