Thursday, January 13, 2011

I know I'm new at this, but....

I know I'm new at this blogy thingy, but I'm thinking about a give away!

Oh, it won't be any time soon, but it won't be too far off.  I would like to get this party started, and completed, and get the give away mailed to arrive by Valentine's day!  Yes, that's right.

That means that I will begin the post next week.  Run it for a week, and then draw the lucky winner!

Somebody's gonna win!  It might as well be you!

Wanna sneak peak to perk your interest?  Alright, but It's gonna be hard for you to wait...

Here's the whole kit and caboodle:

First Item:  The Cakes and Bakes Cookbook (please notice that it is brown and pink)

Second Item:  A pink Sweet Pea scented candle from Bath and Body Works!  
I added the cheetah ribbon just for a little fun.

Third and Fourth Items: Two little notebooks; one stands up and has an area for Notes and To Do lists.  It would be great to keep on the counter or table top.  
The second one is a blank notebook that you can use as a journal, for grocery lists 
or for those notes we all have to make.

Fifth Item:  This gigantic coffee mug.  I promise it will hold at least 3 cups!  It is so big!  

Sixth Item:  The coffee that goes in the mug.  The flavors are, French Vanilla and Chocolate Velvet.  Doesn't that sound decadent?  Chocolate Velvet!  Can I get one of those to go, please?

Seventh item(s): Two purse sized hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works; 
Midnight Pomegranate and Warm Vanilla Sugar. 

So here's the review:  The giveaway date will start January 21st and end January 28th.  I will draw the lucky winner on the 28th and ship directly to you.  More details will follow about how to enter...  In the mean time, spread the word... The more the merrier!

Only By His Grace,



  1. Hi Billie, what a generous giveaway! I love it all! I will put a link on my sidebar!

    I will add you to my blog list. I can't believe I've missed the last few posts, I don't want to miss any more!

    Have a lovely weekend, sweetie! XOXO ~Liz

    P.S. Thanks for the email and the sweet comments…you’re the best!

  2. Billie,
    Thanks for sharing your blog site of FB. I was not aware you have one, and enjoyed reading!
    To answer your question, I love to read various books! Like you, though, I have little time to read beyond my daily quiet times. The solution to this has been selectively putting books in different place I will usually have a few minutes to myself. That way I can steal a page or two out of them every so often. These books include: Bringing up Boys by Dr. James Dobson; A Chance to Die by Elisabeth Elliot; and Pilgrim's Progress.
    Kristy Horton