Wednesday, January 12, 2011


One of my New Year's Resolutions was to be more content.  It seems I'm never satisfied.

I'm never satisfied with how far I ran.  
Was four miles really all I could muster?
I'm never satisfied with how the clean the bathroom is.   
What about that spot of black smudge in the corner behind the door?
I'm never satisfied with my hair.  Should I go a shade darker?  
Should I only do highlights in the summer?

Do you ever struggle with this?  I call it a season of discontent.  I don't live there all the time -- but when I'm there....boy am I there.

I recently read the following: "A woman asked her physician why she was seized with longings for the glamorous and faraway.  He replied, "Those are the usual symptoms of abundant comfort in the home and ingratitude in the heart"."

OUCH!  I like the abundant comfort in the home part!  It was the ingratitude in the heart, part, that I didn't like.  Is that really me?  Could there really be ingratitude in my heart?  I sure hope not!

However, I do like a good inspiration now and again.  Because on the flip-side of all my discontent, there is the part of me that needs inspiration.  Do you ever just need inspiration?

I thought I would show you a few things that inspired me today.  I can't say they're things I would put on my wish list... I don't really have a wish-list.  There's not much I wish for.   But these are the pictures today that inspired me.

(All photos are from Ballard's Catalog)

I think I like this photo because of it's simplicity.  I love the iron initials and 
of course, the fleur de lis!  

What do you think about this little door-topper?  I love it.  I love the iron, the fleur de lis, and the initial.  I could totally see this in our home... Love love love it!

Check out these chandeliers!  Oh my!  I love them.  I love the look!  I love the idea of the.  But I would not want to dust them!  Can you imagine all the crevices where dust could hide?

This one is the most intriguing to me!    My laundry room is functional.  I do use baskets for all my storage.  But I don't have a counter top.  Every house I've lived in I've thought I'd want a counter top.  But I think I would just "decorate" it up to where it wasn't functional for folding or sorting.... 

One of my favorite things in picture is the trio of extra large safety pins.  Isn't that fun?

This one is my favorite!  Our deck is stained natural color.  We have 2 lounge chairs that are tan.  We have a bistro set that is tan metal with tan chairs.  Last year we bought a large sun umbrella.  In the evening, the sun gets really hot out there.  The umbrella is RED.  The rug we have is tan with black border.

This year, because our patio set is in need of a little update and refreshing.  One cushion has a rip, so the cushions will either have to be replaced, or recovered.  I'm hoping to recover them.  We'll see.

The frame of the furniture is getting a little worn as well.  I'm thinking black would be fantastic!

Then, for the lounge chairs.  Well, they are several years old.  Maybe I can just save a few dollars from the budget and get a couple new ones to replace.  If not, I'm sure I'll refresh them with a couple pillows.

In any case, I'm sure whatever I do this summer, I will be using more red out there.  I do love red on a deck.

Before I go, I thought I would leave you with one more quote:  "The more we count the blessings we have, the less we crave the luxuries we haven't."

Tomorrow, I think I'll show you some of the blessings I have -- and I will try not to focus on the luxuries I haven't.  Even if those luxuries are admirable things -- like a spotless bathroom, or an extra mile.

Good night, friends,


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