Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How's the weather?...

I love winter.  I think I've mentioned that before.  I love rainy winter days!  Isn't that weird?  I love the gray and the drizzle.

That's the kind of day we've had here today.  Cold and rainy.  The weatherman says we're gonna have a cold snap... and possibly 3-6 inches by Thursday night!  Yeah!

But inside there's a hot pot of decaf a-brewin'... and I'm gonna have a cup.

Would you like to join me?

Today, I thought I'd share with you a little project -- and a little promise that spring is on the way.

The materials you will need are:

Florist foam...  about a 3 inch square will do nicely

A handful of dried sphagnum moss...

Some dried gypsum...

wanna guess what's in this tissue?  It was the inspiration for the whole project.

it is a...

The pot is about 4 inches tall, and about 4.5 inches in diameter at the top.

Here's a close up of the little yellow bird.

Step one:  Place the florist foam in the bottom of the little pot.  I didn't use hot glue, but you certainly could if you felt it necessary.

Cover the foam with sphagnum moss.

Then take a little bit more and form a "nest."  I put extra twigs from my gypsum in there, too.

Place the "next on top of the moss that's already there, and start tucking in tips of the gypsum.

Then tuck a little mushroom bird in his nest, and you're almost done.

I had to work with the handle a little bit to place the gypsum on each side to hold it up, but eventually it stayed.  Then I added this tiny gross grain ribbon.

I thought it needed a little bit something extra... so I added a small piece of ivy I had in my ficus tree pot.

And there he sits... happy as can be.  A yellow bird in a yellow bird pot... uh bucket... uh bucket-pot-thingy.

I have one picture in my livingroom where  he must go.  We bought it months ago, but didn't have anything on the shelf below it... I think he's gonna like it here.

Have a blessed day -- even when it rains, the Son still shines!

Only By His Grace,



  1. I'd have to say I enjoy winter mostly because I like winter clothes better than summer clothes! Boots, layers, etc! When it's really cold I love just staying home!
    Your project is adorable! So cute!

  2. Oh how cute that is! And i LOVE cold, dreary days! My husband thinks I am crazy. Something about it makes me feel like I'm in the English countryside. It reminds him of Germany because every time we were there it was cold and snowy. I honestly haven't done anything to the couch and chair yet but just wipe it clean. I've had it a couple years and we love it! Great with three kids!

  3. This is adorable! Thank you so much for linking up at Whassup!

    blessings xoxokara