Sunday, January 16, 2011

I think it's time...

Sometimes you just can't put something off any longer.

This is the beginning of a story of a transformation and a pending remodel.

It's inevitable!  Somthing's gotta change.

Here are the before pics of the small bathroom upstairs: These were taken the day we got the keys!

Here are the problems from four years ago: 

X the handheld shower
X the ceramic tile surround needs re-grouted
X the light fixture above the sink is U-G-L-Y.

And now....

The handheld shower was replaced, but now leaks.
The ceramic tile still needs new grout
The light fixture above the sink is still U-G-L-Y -- only now it's rusted, too

About 6 months ago, I heard my son yelling at his sister, "Kayla!  You spilled water all over the bathroom and you didn't clean it up!"  Well, that's nothing new!  So I ignored it.

Next night I hear Kayla yelling at her brother, "Austin!  What did you do, every towel under the sink is soaked and there's water all over the floor!"  THAT is new...and a little reminiscent of last night's argument!   Hmmm.  Better go check.

So, Mr. Lovey and I headed upstairs, pull 8 bath sheets, 4 beach towels, and a stack of a dozen bath towels out from under the sink -- ALL SOAKING WET!  What the heck?

The hot water valve had lost a seal -- it was dripping water faster than we could clean it up.  So, Mr. Lovey decided to shut off the hot water, and we'd call a plumber.... eventually.

A couple weeks later, the kids were filling their water cups before bed and complained the cold water was hot.  That's odd... Hmmm... curious.  Guess we should call that plumber...eventually.

Fast forward six months: Friday I was cleaning their bathroom -- and heard the drip, drip, drip, of the bathtub -- now the tub is leaking HOT water!  What is going on?

So Mr. Lovey and I assessed our options last night and we have three:

(1) Still do nothing -- uh...not an option!

(2) Call a plumber and ask for an estimate to (a) fix the hot water valve under the sink (b) replace the faucet in the sink (c) replace the shower head and faucet handle and faucet in the shower/tub.

(3) Call a plumber and ask for all of the above.  If that estimate is $300 - $500, go with option 2.  If the estimate involves taking out part of the wall to access the plumbing and taking out part of the bottom of the vanity to access the underneath side and plumbing -- then.... we will
(a) replace sink faucet
(b) replace shower fixtures & faucet
(c) tile the bathroom floor (currently vinyl)
(d) replace the vanity and sink (currently has a knick and crack)
(e) hire some drywall professionals to repair any problem areas in the room altogether.

I'm hoping for option 2 -- I really am!

Anyway, here are the pictures of this bathroom now... I'm sure -- eventually -- I'll have new pics to show you... Actually, I know I will have new pics... We have to fix this room!

We will be replacing this light fixture.  We have one picked out.  It has 2 bulbs, so to compensate for the lack of light, we will replace the bathroom vent fan with a lighted vent also takes 2 bulbs.

Here's a few details about this space.  The lamp shade is a leather shade with a texture almost like the underneath side of a tortoise.  I like it so much.  The 2 candles are in cheetah print holders...

Here you can see the color a little better.  The shower curtain is brown, the small basket holds wash cloths for the kiddos, and the three safari prints -- well, I picked those up at Annie's Attic for $5.00 each. They are really cool.  Kayla didn't like them when I brought them home.  However, since we redid her room, she's been begging for them... curious, huh?

Other wall:  A couple brown towels, tan towels, a couple of tassels and a Kirkland's print.  

Mr. Lovey and I are thinking (depending on what the plumber says) on a budget that looks like this:

New light fixture ($20)
New lighted fan ($40)
New sink faucet ($28)
New shower head, faucet and handles ($45)

We still have the paint in storage -- so that won't have to be repurchased for touch ups... 

Of course, I have a feeling the plumber isn't going to have good news... but we'll see.  

I'll keep you "posted."  

Only by His Grace,


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  1. Sorry for all your plumbing problems...Rob always hates plumbing stuff. It's either right or wrong - no in between! I've really enjoyed your blog and the others you have links to. I'm creatively challenged and am in desperate need of ideas for decorating. Keep up the good work!!!!