Monday, January 31, 2011

Thinking of a birthday surprise...

Friday is my baby girl's 10th birthday.  It's really hard to believe it.

I may not be posting much over the next few days because I'm thinking up a fantastic birthday surprise.

I can't say too much because she's been known to frequent mom's blog... so, for now, "shshshshshshhhhhh."  I must keep it on the DL.

I'll show you pictures when I'm done... Ohhhh.... it's gonna be great!

Only By His Grace,


Sunday, January 30, 2011

What do you do when...

What do you do when your body is tired, your mind is consumed and you just need some stress relief?  I create...

Sometimes I just dig through my craft bin and create a book mark.  Sometimes I put together a list of ideas I'd like to do "someday."  Sometimes I knit.  Today I decided to crochet.

My sweet baby girl and I went on a little overnight shopping trip this weekend... While she was in Claire's I saw the most precious scarf.  It was pastel pink with white crochet trim.  It was $14.99, not a bad deal, but I don't usually wear pastels near my face. So I didn't buy it.

However, I did decide that I could crochet a similar scarf - for a much cheaper price tag - and make it suit my needs.

I decided on a small gauge thread and hook - the finished project will be very delicate.  The pattern is a basic shell pattern.

My base chain was 28.  I did 5 rows of single crochet.  On row 6 I began my shell pattern:  in the 4th chain from the hook I did a basic shell (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc).  Then continued that pattern across.  In the last single crochet, chain 3 and turn... It's the same pattern across each row, ending in a chain 3 and turn.

Here are the pictures so far:

Once the I reach the desired length, I will single crochet down the long edges on each side, and probably add some picots or a dangling floral trim... I'll have to see what inspires me when I reach that point.

All I know at this point is that I want it to be delicate and feminine.  I want to be able to wear it with my t-shirts and jeans, and my business suits alike.  One thing is for sure... I have to show you the finished project when I'm done.

Until then,

Only By His Grace,


Friday, January 28, 2011

And the winner is...

Today is the final day for the Spring Give Away.

I want to thank everyone who entered the give away, who posted on your blogs, you became followers, to those who added links in sidebars... I appreciate you.  I wouldn't blog if it weren't for you, my friends.

So, thank you to each one of you.  I wish I had a gift for everyone!  I really do.  But, unfortunately, I only have one giveaway right now.  But check back... I've already started gathering goodies for the next one!

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...

The winner of the Spring Give Away will receive the following:

Cakes and Bakes cookbook.

Sweet Pea scented candle from Bath and Body Works.

Two notebooks reminding us, "We can do all things through Him who strengthens us."

One very large coffee mug.

Two yummy coffees:  French Vanilla and Chocolate Velvet!

And two individual hand sanitizers:  Midnight Pomegranate and Warm Vanilla Sugar.

Drum roll, please.


(Okay, I know that was cheesy, but this is an exciting moment!)

We had 38 entries... my random number generator (Also known as Lovey) 

The winner is:

Pat @ Gypsy Heart

Congratulations, Pat. 

If you haven't checked out her blog, check her out.  

I think she's running a give away, too...

Congratulations, again, Pat.

And to everyone else, keep checking in... I have another giveaway in mind!

Only By His Grace,


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not quite a tablescape...

I've been thinking a lot lately about quiet time with my husband.

We have our own business and about 29 employees, and are barely keeping up.  We volunteer at church with our connect team, and we are blessed to offer Pre-Marital Counseling to sweet engaged couples.

We have two precious children in elementary school and we love spending time with them.

But I do absolutely love the date nights we get occasionally -- they are getting a little farther between... So I find myself thinking of what my table would look like if it were just Mr. Lovey and me.

Today I was thinking of a breakfast our bar..

Here's what I think I would come up with for us:

Start with dimly lit light because who wants a harsh light first thing in the morning?

A couple of crochet placemats are a nice anchor
I made these about eight years ago

Next, add a couple of square plates. 
I like my red and black ones; I try to use them as often as possible.

Add on a layer of a square plate.  I chose these because they have a lip on them.  
You could use them as a shallow bowl if you wanted to.

Fruit is always nice for breakfast, but it's also pretty as an accent piece.
These apples coordinate so well with the plates and little touches of green in my kitchen.

Place the glasses on top and breakfast will be served soon.

Now, what should we have?

I'm thinking a quiche would be yummy... and a little mimosa... 
and then maybe a nap.

Remember, you still have one more day to register for the Spring Giveaway.  We have quite a number entered -- but there's always room for another name or two.

Follow this link to get there:  Spring Giveaway

Only By His Grace,


Drawing tomorrow...

Just one last reminder that the Spring give-away ends tomorrow.  I will be drawing the name after 5:00 p.m. tomorrow and will be announcing the winner on the blog.

If you haven't already entered, there's still time -- just check out the post below.

Don't forget to tell your friends...

Only By His Grace,


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just a reminder of all the fun giveaways...

Spring Give Away here...  
(click the titles to link)

Three ways to enter:

(1) Leave a comment on this post
(2) become a follower
(3) post a link to my blog on your site

In the comment field below, just let me know which option(s) you've chosen.  Be sure to leave an email address or way for me to contact you for shipping purposes!

You can enter up to 3 times.  Don't forget to tell your friends -- they can enter to win, too!

I will announce the winner on Friday the 28th!

Good luck to all who enter these fun giveaways...  Be sure to follow each blogger's instructions for entering their blog giveaway...

Only By His Grace,


Monday, January 24, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to work I go...

Before I get to today's post -- just a reminder to leave a comment to get entered in the give away.

Here's your link:  Give Away Time!

Now, I promised you guys a glimpse into my office cubicle a while back, but things have taken a bit of a change.

We are hiring a full-time person to be the purchasing assistant.  I will move to the accounting assistant position, because it, and I, are part time.

Being that as it is, I opted to give the full-time person my much roomier cubicle, and take a smaller (much, much smaller) cube.  My dimensions are 5x5.5 feet.  Is that crazy?  But you won't believe what someone can do with 5 x 5.5 feet of space...

I apologize for the poor picture quality.  I took these photos with my iphone... I just wanted you to see where I am, when I'm not her in blogville, hanging with you...

First of all, here is the blueprint.  I didn't know if it would really fit or not... 
let's see what you think

To the left as you enter this cube, I hung a wooden framed mirror...
anything to make this space look a little bigger and reflect the lighting.

I have a small message board -- until now hasn't held a single message.  
But it was pretty, how could I resist?

Along the right wall, I have two prints hanging... 

I have another mirror to expand the space... It sits above my "credenza." 

But what makes this space mine -- I had to buy at least one piece of Billie furniture...
something with a little panache...a little pizzaz.  Who wants a metal file cabinet when you can have 
a credenza to hold files and desk items?

And just a little detail of the pretties... A french inspired lamp, a wonderful candle, 
my clock, and some much needed hand cream.

So, when I'm working, this is the sweet little space I occupy... it's very exciting to have this space all to myself...and I really like that it's small.  It makes it cozy...

Enjoy your day, wherever you may be, at work, at home, on the road...

Only By His Grace,


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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A little shopping trip...

Ever have a really, really good day shopping?

Today I went to The Peddler's Mall.  You have those where you live?  It's just a really big indoor flea market, really.  Each vendor rents a "booth" space -- they can sell whatever they like in their booth.

Today I found the coolest stuff... Let me show you.

A little red "candy dish" with a clear glass lid.  ($3.55)

A little black lamp with a brown silk shade.  ($5.00)

Two iron fleur de lis hooks.  Not sure where they'll go -- maybe the bathroom -- but I'm thinking
by the back door where we can hang our keys.  ($2.85)  

Blue pottery mug -- yeah, it has tea in it... I couldn't wait.  ($4.85)

Grand total -- les than $20.00

So, here's what I did...

I added a single candle stick -- we used 3 of these in our wedding (20 years ago)

I traced the bottom on a sheet of paper.

Cut out the circle.

Fold it in half.

Fold it in half again.

Unfold it and find the center.

Cut a tiny circle in the middle.

Place the trace paper on the bottom of the jar and mark the middle point.

Put an ample amount of hot glue on the rim of the candle stick.

Attach the center of the candle stick over the center mark placed on the jar.

Turn it over and place the lid on top.

Here is the new "apothecary jar" for my bath salts for the master bath.

I can't wait to put it in it's rightful place.  Then I'll show you the pics...

Have a good night, all!  

Only By His Grace,