Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Remember when I said...

Remember when I posted a couple weeks ago about my living room?  Remember that I said it was rare that it was actually clean?

Well.... I was recently visiting one of my favorite, favorite, favorite blogs, Savvy Seasons by Liz, and I was inspired to rearrange my living room furniture.

So I wanted to show you my new arrangement... Wanna see?  Just remember...my living room is lived in, so anything you see lying about out of place... it's just where it always is...

The kids computer table got moved to the opposite side of the room where the TV armoire was.

The stuff on the mantle got moved around a bit to accommodate the new vase... Found it at Annie's Attic for $6.00.  I had to move the stuff around since some other things in the Living Room changed as well.

See how the lamp and table moved over beside the green chair?  Both chairs now flank the fireplace.  Nice and warm and cozy!

Here's why some of the stuff moved around.  I wanted the entertainment center on the tall blank wall that always drove me crazy.  It's been there before, but we had new carpet installed around Thanksgiving and we moved it then...but it never really suited me in the corner.  

Here are the chairs beside the fireplace... It's very warm to sit here

And here is where the sofa and table are.  Never mind the house shoes, toy bins, and Nascar racers on the floor...  If I think of them as accessories lovingly added by my family, they don't bother me as badly!

What do you think?  Do you like the before (link here) or the after better?

Only By His Grace,



  1. Hey, Billie! You have a huge living room! I like the new arrangement! Did you move all that furniture by yourself? Or were you a good girl and waited for some help! I would probably have moved it myself because I would have wanted it done IMMEDIATELY once I set my mind to it!!! Then I'd complain about the sore back later!

  2. Hi Billie, Beautiful large and spacious living room. Your home and floor plan are so wonderful. The fireplace is just stunning. I love your color scheme and accessories as well. I agree with Sonya, be careful moving and lifting heavy couches and furniture. My husband and I moved our family room couch to make a spot for our new one before the delivery and injured myself.....painful for a months! I also love your drapes. Thanks again for sharing your decor:).

  3. I really like the new arrangement. Your living room is so big!! That's nice because it really gives you more options for arranging your furniture. Just curious, what type of carpet did you get?

  4. I like it! And you know what, I love that you show that your home is lived in...that's great. I so love the wall color...makes the whole room look happy I think.

    Great job!

  5. Billie

    It was wonderful to read about your upcoming redoing of your deck. It is always such a warm feeling to see the beautiful home you keep for my grandchildren and my son. Billie, God gave us such a wonderful addition to our family when He gave us you.