Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's time to start updating...

We've had such wonderful weather this past week -- warm 60 degree weather -- sunny warm breezes... It's making me think of spring!  Of course, that makes me think of updating our deck.

Here are the before pics:

This is the view from the living room door to the deck.

This is the view from the kitchen door to the deck.

As you walk out onto the deck, you can see it opens up for a little more space.

The view from the stairs to the back yard.

My latest plant stand purchase... got it for $9.00 at the Peddler's Mall.  It's really heavy iron, and I can't wait to put some beautiful red geraniums in there :)

I'm thinking some spider plants or maybe asparagus ferns in here...

This is my ivy... it's hibernating right now.  But it will wake up soon.

So here are the problem areas:  

(1) The decking and all the furniture are all the same color.  Last year we had the deck cleaned and stained...but as you can see, it doesn't look like it.  The guys who did the staining said the deck was so weather beaten that the stain wouldn't take -- the wood just kept soaking it up... I'm not so sure -- I think it was a scam... but whatcha gonna do a year later?  Lesson learned.

Since we can't replace the deck -- it's a 2 story deck -- and it doesn't need replaced.  I think we may try to re-stain it this year ourselves -- but we'll see.

(2) Our adirondack chairs are chaffing... on us... every time we set down in them we get powder coated.
(3) The little square table is starting to peel.
(4) The coffee table isn't a coffee table at all... it's part of a storage shelf (at least it matches the rest of the furniture) No one has ever noticed... until now... since I've told you...

The plan is:

(1) Sand down the old chairs and repaint them black or chocolate brown.  

(2) Re-install my outdoor rung.  It's black and tan.  The seating area will resemble the one below.

(3)Move the storage shelf across from the chairs as in the photo above.  I may install the second tier and use it as a potting bench...

(4) Next, I think the metal frames of the chairs and table will get a matching coat of paint -- whichever I choose; black or chocolate... I'm not sure yet.  Install new seat cushions...these have seen better days.

 I'm hoping the color will resemble this:

(5) As we have the layout now, we will have one seating area and one dining area.  I love the red in the photo below, but don't want that much red... so we'll go with red accents.

(6) I would like to either add a new outdoor coffee table (I love those candles) or a couple of outdoor end tables.  I'm thinking the end tables at this point... I think they're more versatile.  If we need them separately we have two, if we need a coffee table we can pull them together.

(7) And when the weather is warm enough... plants... plants... plants...  although, maybe not this many plants.

Here's where we stand so far:  

Tan and black seat cushions for the adirondack chairs.  Two chairs, two cushions.

New red and tan cushions for the dining chairs.

We also have a red market umbrella from Lowe's -- wait til you see how Mr. Lovey installed this guy!  Ingenious! 

And a couple of large plants...

This one I rescued from my neighbor two years ago.  She was going to throw it away.  I need to repot it.  It's doubled in size.  Thanks miracle grow!

A Ponytail palm... my dear friend gave it to me.  I love it... the winter indoors has taken a bit of a toll on it... but spring in coming... it will bounce back.

So there's the whole plan.  I still want a couple of red throw pillows for the adirondack chairs, a couple of new tables -- but I have my eye on some used ones I saw that are just crying for a makeover... we'll see..., and a few red geraniums for those clay pots.   

I'm also looking at some outdoor lamps...  They have iron bases and thick glass (like stained glass) shades.  They aren't electric.  They use large candles!  I think I really might have to have a couple they were great!  If I can't find them, I'll just use outdoor candles and hurricanes.  

I'll have more photos when the weather warms up.. 

I can't wait much longer... Come on spring!  

Only By His Grace,


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  1. Hi Billie, Love all your ideas and changes in the works. The dining room cushions are so pretty. Your outdoor deck is a wonderful second multipurpose area and red accents would be gorgeous.The planters are a great idea and ferns would be pretty and airy.Looking forward to your results! Take care, Emelia.