Saturday, February 5, 2011

Along the lines...

My last post was about using kitchen canisters in other areas of your home, such as the bathroom or laundry room.  That really set my mind reeling...

I have been sleeping on the floor of my son's bedroom the past two nights, and tonight, between 9:30 and 11:30 he woke me up six times... That's okay, it's part of being a mom.

But part of being a blogger mom, is checking your email at midnight after your son has woke you up six times.  As I laid there reading all the sweet comments about the canister idea, I had a brain storm - a news flash - and then my mind wouldn't rest until I did some research...

So along the same lines as yesterday, if we're thinking outside the home decorating box, using kitchen canisters outside the kitchen... why not use something else outside the kitchen???

Why not use vintage -- or new if you can find them -- wine or liquor decanters in the bathroom or laundry room?

Imagine if you will:  Three or five vintage wine decanters filled with a 
variety of bubble baths and bath oils...

Why not a couple large ones in the laundry room to hold 
liquid detergent and liquid fabric softener?  Is your laundry room blue?  
Blue detergent and blue fabric softener would be stunning in one of these babies!

How about one next to the stove to hold your olive oil?

And last but not least, how would you like this beside 
your kitchen sink to pour dishwashing liquid from this beauty? 

Somehow I think I might not dread my domestic duties nearly as much if I could add a little vintage beauty to the household chores.

I'm so inspired I think I may take an hour tomorrow morning to hit a couple thrift and consignment shops looking for a couple of these little guys... I'm very excited about the prospect! my mind can go back to sleep!  Sweet Dreams everyone!

Only By His Grace,


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  1. Hi Billie,Sorry to hear everyone still not well. A lot of people not feeling well now and in my son's college students having flu and asked to go home. I think for being tired you are are still having great ideas!We have some glass crystal wine decanters (I believe gifts),but since we really don't drink other uses would be good.Hope you stay well.:)