Saturday, February 26, 2011

Can't wait to show you the new...

It may be a few days before I'm ready to post all the pictures of what's going on here at our crazy house.

It all began like this:

Last Sunday we had a family girl scout outing -- we drove to a ski slope for some family tubing.  Great!  But first, I need to start a load of laundry.  Oh, we might not be back in time for me to get all the kids' school uniforms washed and dried by school on Monday.... Okay, I'll just throw them all in together, on cold so nothing will fade.  It'll be fine!

The wash cycle went well, but during the drain and rinse... not so well.  The washer (only 6 years old) started to hum loudly... What the dickens?  Guess what?  The washer was broken...

But it gets even better.  Because it's a front loader, the door locks... and all the kids' uniforms were locked inside.  The repair man charged us $126 just to come out and assess the situation.  Then he had to take the washer back off and check inside.  Guess what happened?

You know those little plastic hooks retailers use to hang socks on the slat wall?  Well, apparently we missed one.  The little bugger got through the wash cycle, the rinse cycle and into my drain pump...

Thankfully the repair man could just remove it and be done with it.  That's an expensive little plastic hook, huh?

Back to the remodel!  When said repair man drained our pump, water went all over the laundry room.  We cleaned it up, but in the mean time I had to move the washer and dryer down the long wall... Hmmm.  Wouldn't it be great to have cabinets above my washer/dryer?  Why, yes, yes it would!

So today we took a trip to Ikea!  We bought the cabinets...still waiting to decide on one other factor, but I'll let you know about that later...

I'll try to post up some photos soon of the laundry room... I can't wait to see the difference!

Until then,


Only by His Grace,



  1. Hi Billie, what a great idea to put a little wood glue on the back of the knobs! I will do that! You have some great looking roosters! Love the black and red rooster jar...Kristen

  2. I sure wish we had an Ikea close by! Closest one is 3.5 hrs away. What an ordeal with your washer but don't you love it when you can turn a bad situation into somthing good?

  3. Sorry about your washer. Life always gets complicated!We had a front load washer and the electronic boards replaced 3 times in a row and we just bought a new one, the traditional one. i know the pumps are sensitive.Looking forward to your new project. Hope this week is better for you! Emelia.