Saturday, June 18, 2011

Getting Back to Basics...

Yesterday the kiddos and I had a bit of an outing...or two.  There are two really great haunts within a couple of miles of our house.  The first is the Corporate Headquarters of Papa John's Pizza.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Papa John's: Better Ingredients.  Better Pizza.

When they built their corporate headquarters, they also installed a massive pond, walking trail and water fall, with benches and picnic tables scattered every so often.  Why?  For the good of their employees, of course.  Who wouldn't want to come to work here when you could have lunch or a walk in such a relaxing place?  Best part?  It's completely open to the public.  Plenty of parking.  Lot's of ducks!  And a great place to bring the kiddos when they're bored stiff.

Oh...and because I don't like to be wasteful, I save all our old bread, crackers, corn bread, muffins, pancakes, etc and every couple of weeks, we come and feed the ducks.  Can you say FREE entertainment?

Here's just a glimpse.

The second cool place near our house is Veteran's Park.  It's a playground, walking trail, and Veteran's Memorial all in one.  The kids love it because they can play, we can picnic, we can "hike" and there is really cool stuff to look at, too. 

There you have it, folks.  Two field trips to two gorgeous venues -- all in one day.  

Only By His Grace,


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