Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back Door Bulletin Board...

Good Afternoon, Blog-friends!

Today's post isn't about decorating or cooking or walking or field trips.  Today's post is about a happy little accident.  You might find it interesting -- or you might find it tacky.  Either way... here it is.

Like so  many families we know, we pull into the garage and enter our home through the back door.
Everywhere we go -- we enter and exit through this door.

Last year, I hung our family dry-erase board on the back door.  Now it's easy as pie to check for important events as we leave the house.

Oh... by the way... sorry for the fuzzy pictures... :)

Now, here's the happy accident part... I just learned realized that our back door is metal.  Know what that means?

It's Magnetic!

So that means the whole back door is one big memo board. Anything I need to keep up with - school calendars, chore calendars, summer reading programs, rewards charts, extra summer freebie tickets, etc.

Here's what it looks like now. It's a little hectic, but isn't life hectic?

The kiddos chore charts. Tip: If you print your child's chore charts on regular paper 

and insert them into a plastic binder page sleeve, it becomes dry-erase(able).

Summer Reading programs and Chuck E Cheese reward sheets.

It's a great place to store those summer fun freebie tickets, too.  
You can grab 'em as you're heading out the door.

And the whole thing looks like this.

It's been so helpful to have everything together right there on the back door.  

I'm really looking forward to the school year starting... I plan to purchase a couple of the wall file boxes. I'll magnet them to the door.  One for each child.  No more lost permission slips.  No more last-minute "last day to order" school photo orders...

Wow... maybe I need a bigger back door?!?

How do you keep your family organized?

Only By His Grace,


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