Thursday, March 17, 2011


It is a beautiful sunny morning here.  I hope you're feeling the warmth of the sun where you are today, as well.

I haven't posted very much lately.  There are many reasons.  But I've been contemplating why I blog - why I post what I post.

Let me explain:  When I first started blogging, I wanted my blog to be an inspiration.  I wanted to show a lovingly decorated home without spending a boat load of money to do it.  I love to shop used furniture stores and consignment shops.  I love a good bargain, almost as much as I love shoes!  I do love shoes!  I'll have to post about that soon...

But I found myself in a very strange place.  It almost felt like competition to keep up with other bloggers.  I felt compelled to shop for the next blog entry -- meaning, I had to shop to find something interesting to blog about.  Not that I was spending too much money, or being frivolous, but it seemed like my focus wasn't on sharing, but on keeping up.  I didn't really like that feeling, so I've taken a step back from blogging some.  I wanted to see what in my everyday normal life I could blog about.

What do I do that I enjoy?

What do I spend time on that you might enjoy?

What is my reason for blogging?

I contemplated shutting down my blog.  I thought about just abandoning my blog.  But neither of those things felt right either.  So I decided there must be a balance to it all.

So over the next few weeks, or months, you may see all sorts of things here.  It may not always be home decor or remodeling.  It might be shoes, or running, or pictures I've taken.  I don't know.  But I've decided that I want to blog about the things that make me feel happy... not just about the things I buy.

Life isn't about how many things we own.  It's about the time we spend with those we love and enjoying the time spent together.  :)

On that note, last Saturday was my niece's first birthday.  I got some really good shots of the kids playing outside.  I thought I'd share some happy times with you!

Only By His Grace,


The Birthday Girl -- 1 year old!

Mr. Austin -- the coolest cousin a girl could have -- or so he thinks!

Another cousin, Ayda.

Birthday girl's sister, Lillly.

Cousin, Mina. 

Cousin, Teta.

Miss Kayla -- a little grumpy from lack of sleep.. but still the party girl all the same.

The first birthday cupcake!  Don't burn the baby!

Mmmm.  That's good stuff!

It was warm and sunny, so outside the kiddos went.  What kid can't have fun in a jeep?

I won the race up the big hill!

Austin, are you sure you can drive this thing?

Looking out over the farmland...

Playing on the fun set.

Even big girls just wanna have fun.

The backyard view...

Must say... it was a great party!  And so relaxing to be around all those kids.  Wonder when I forgot how to have fun like that?


  1. Hi Billie, I think what you have to say is important and just lovely too. You live truly in God's Country, just beautiful. Hope you remain blogging and the children and more grown up children are precious. Thanks for your update and maybe in the future as well!

  2. Billie, I so understand!! The reason for blogging is different for everyone and I think it's up to us to find what our own pleasure is ~ not to do it for everyone else. I don't have the funds to shop a lot, nor do I have the space for a lot of "stuff" as I live in an apt. Right now, I feel that I am more than blessed and in light of the Japanese people, extremely blessed and fortunate!

    My kitchen is very small but I love to cook, bake especially. I've decided that I just need to blog about what makes me happy.

    You have a beautiful blog! You take wonderful photos and you have a myriad of interests. Just do what makes YOU happy.


  3. Billie
    What can I say, YOU ARE A FANTASTIC PERSON......Thanks for starring my beautiful grandchildren in you blog. Love Mammie Di

  4. I Billie, hope you are doing well. I just thought of something for your blog from time to time. Devotions! You are so talented in this area and it would bless so many people! Just an idea for you to ponder...