Saturday, March 5, 2011

Now, back to our show...

Remember when television used to say that?  "And now, back to our show..."

That's how I feel about this whole laundry room remake.

Do you remember what started this whole fiasco?  We started a load of laundry... ALL the kids school uniforms were in that load... the washer finished the wash cycle but failed mid way through the rinse cycle.  Being a front loader, the door locked... of course... and so our wet clothes were in there for 3 days before we could get it fixed and get our clothes out.  It cost us approximately $150... to find and remove this little guy:


At least we didn't have to buy a new machine, replace parts, or fight with the manufacturer for further instructions.

But, as any good wife would do :), when I got in there to clean up the mess, it occurred to me that we should do a little updo... Ladies, I know you've never done that before!

As most of the rooms on our main floor, our colors are red, gold, brown, sage... But I wanted a change.

Here's the before.  Remember, ladies, it IS a laundry room.  Don't be shocked if you actually see some....
gasp LAUNDRY.  :)

Warning:  These pictures aren't badly exposed.  The room is just really that yellow!

So here are the yellow walls -- with the little hole in the background where Holly was apparently planning a prison break.  We wondered why she put up that poster....

Here's the recently repaired washer... pushed all the way down toward the wall - in it's new location.

The lovely shelving above the washer/dryer units.  No matter how hard I try to organize this space, it still just looks like ick!

Another view -- this long shelf will come down, and the new cabinetry will go up in its place.  Can't wait!

Here's the adjoining wall where I currently hang our clothes for drying or waiting to be ironed.  This shelf will come down and we will move the hanging bar to the other wall.

Here is the view from the doorway.

Here's the ugly painting I had in there:

So out with the old, and in with the better... I'm thinking spa blue and birds!

First purchase:  A pale blue print, "Live, Laugh, Laundry."

A couple of small mirrors I had in storage

A "new" $3.00 mirror -- Thanks Goodwill!

This adorable pale blue watery wooden shelf...

Here's the detail of the shelf.

A couple of blue plates... just in case I get hungry for a snack while I'm washing all those clothes. :)

A little glass bottle with a precious blue bird on top.

An off white candle holder from Target and a pale blue candle from Home Goods.

Here's that little birdy -- she's ready for her close up.

While I was at Target, I purchased the cutest little brown bird.  The gentleman helping my cashier was so helpful to wrap up my little bird in tissue paper.  He said, "this little bird needs some love."

When we (the little bird and I) got home, I dropped her on my concrete driveway.  See how pretty she looks now?  :(

No worries.  Nothing a little Elmer's glue won't fix.  She's taped up while her glue dries.

she's alright from this side.

Here's an iron bird cage I'm planning to place the little broken bird in.

And here she is.  Snug as a bug in a rug...

Here are those plates again...

A couple of iron sconces...

Those found mirrors from the basement...

The candle and those little birds from my powder room...

A wreath we had in the basement family room... If you look closely you'll see a little pink bird in there.

And here's this side of the room.

Opposite the laundry area --- my picture, a couple of carafes and my new shelf.  In the bottle on the far right, I will eventually put my Downy.  In the bottle on the far left, I will put my Era.  Lovey only requests that I wait until he can rehang my shelf with some Molly bolts... I can do that!

Here's my blue birdy again.

So once I got all that done, I realized I didn't like the metal shelves after all.  Of course, I've known this for 4 years now... but it really, really made me want my laundry room to look more like this:  a laundry room where I can tuck away all those things you want to hide, and a nice clean place where I can display all of the beautiful goodies I just hung up and placed.

But, I would also be pleased with this:

But more than likely, it will be more like this:

We purchased 2 sets of cabinets to go above the washer dryer.  Our wall is 90 inches long.  The cabinets will be 48 inches.  We will attach a clothing bar to the left wall of the cabinets and then again to the wall.  This will be where I hang our wet clothes, and those needing to be ironed.

We will then remove the other hanging bar, and hopefully put in a small table to use as a folding table.  I happen to have on in the basement I'm not using... :) It might need a paint job, though.

So we'll see how it goes!  Mr. Lovey assembled the cabinets last Sunday, but we haven't received the metal hanging bracket in the mail yet.  As soon as we receive it, I'll post again, and then you can see the final after shots!

Until then...

Only by His Grace,



  1. You have the most decorated laundry room! Inspiration.....

  2. Hi, Love your recent finds. I am a big fan of candles, all your baskets and most of all the new laundry sign. Your bottles are lovely and so are your delicate plates. They would make nice chargers for Easter too! Have a great week Billie and thanks for all the great ideas!, Emelia.

  3. Billie
    I love your laundry room it makes me want to go and just spend time. Maybe when I come up next week I can just stay in there. Ha love mammie di