Wednesday, October 12, 2011

All Good Things...

Dear Friends,

I have been sadly lax at updating my blog as of late.  Honestly, I doubt if anyone is still hanging in there with me, after all this time.

I feel as if I owe you (the short version) of an explanation.

A few months ago we took our kiddos on a week's vacation.  We stayed at a fantastic resort hotel with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and 2 baths.  It was just under 1200 square feet.  It was fully furnished with dishes, bedding, towels, cookware, etc.  Suddenly it occurred to me that I simply have too much.

We live in a home that is nearly 4,000 square feet.  I had four full sets of dishes and multiple sets of drinking glasses.  In fact, I have so much stuff that I have a 500 square feet storage area, that (most of the time) we can't walk through without causing an avalanche.

Now, a few months ago I wrote a blurb about "why I blog."  I felt so consumed with keeping up with the decorating and rearranging and creating and shopping.  I just felt so.... so..... shallow.  Please don't be offended at that last statement.  Many of you love what you do - and I'm sincerely happy about that.  But it wasn't for me.  I found myself cleaning my house to take photos for my blog...not out of love for my family.  I found myself shopping for superfluous "stuff" - not for the things I truly needed.  I think that's where I started to feel shallow.

So, if you've kept up - thank you, bye the way -- but I haven't updated since July.

Here it is October... and November is right around the corner.  I had high hopes for blogging through Christmas... See, I have collected enough Christmas decor through the last 20 years of marriage that I could decorate the White House...  I put a Christmas tree is every room.  Last year the total was 15 trees, 12 wreaths, 9 Santas and 11 Nativity scenes.  There isn't a single inch of our house I don't decorate.  In fact, I start November 1.  Decor stays up through New Year and it takes me nearly a month to get it all put away. That's three full months of Christmas at our house.

However, all good things must come to an end.  Which is where this blog post leads me.  I will be shutting down my blog.  I will still follow all of you wonderful're such an inspiration.  I just can't keep up with something that makes me so crazy over unimportant things.

I thank each of you for your sweet comments over these past few months.  I may decide later to start a new blog focussing on a different topic.  But for now, I'm looking forward to doing things for my family.... because I love them... not because I have to blog about it.  As for all of you, keep up the good work.  I look forward to seeing your creativity.

Blessings to you all.  Thanks for visiting my blog.

Only By His Grace,



  1. I've lost your email addy but wanted to say "hello" and that you are missed. I've been off & on around blogland too and I TOTALLY understand what you said!

    Hope you and your family are well & happy!

  2. Hi Billie, I was cleaning out my favorites and saw your blog site listed and decided to visit it. This one spoke volumes, very insightful. We should all examine our lives to decide what is really important to us....what is it we REALLY want! Proud of you for letting this go! Carol