Friday, December 31, 2010

Seeing Red, and cheetah...

My lovely daughter has decided to "update" the look of her bedroom.  I would have been satisfied with cleaning it, but what's a mom to do?  I totally see a version of my messier self when I walk in there... and I hope she doesn't also inherit my OCD tendencies when she's older.

My six-year old son bought me cleaning sponges for Christmas because, "mommy likes to clean!"'s true... I do love the smell of a clean house.

But I digress!  My daughter has decided to update her room.  She will be ten years old in February.  What happened to the powder puff pink walls and fluffy bedding?  When did it give way to bright vibrant colors and clothes all over?  When did the books beside her bed change from princesses and fairy tales to adventures and mysteries.  For goodness sake, the child read Jane Eyre this past summer!  Where did my  little princess go?

But I digress again.  Sorry.  You'll get used to it.  I promise!

Back to the upgrade.  I will post pictures soon.  I promise!  After all, that's what we visit for, isn't it?  The pictures:  the tiny glimpses into another life, another world, another designing adventure...

I will show you the before state of her room:  Green walls, white furniture, purple curtains, a very vibrant patchwork quilt lovingly hand pieced and quilted by my husband's late grandmother.  It is a beautiful quilt... but it's time to move on and grow up a little bit.

I will show you the after effects of our make over: Tan walls, black furniture, red curtains, chocolate brown bedding, and animal prints!  She loves animal prints!  No one could be more shocked than I, but that's another blog entry.

She got a zebra print pillow for Christmas and boy has she been excited!  We went thrifting last week and found a cheetah print throw, a cheetah print pillow, and a cheetah print mini lamp with red beaded shade - it will be the perfect night light.

I will show it all, as soon as we're ready for the reveal. Wait for it....

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the process, enjoy the project, enjoy the shopping trips with my daughter, and try not to mourn the passing of one very little girl into one very beautiful young lady.

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